The intelligent software for price management

Planet is a price management and optimization software powered by Artificial Intelligence for ecommerce and retail stores.

Increase your revenue
Increase your revenue

Finding the best combination between the demand and the competitiveness of your products.

Optimize your strategy
Optimize your strategy

Adapt all the valuable information to the particularities of your business to improve decision making.

Agile and simple
Agile and simple

Manage your prices automatically through your own knowledge through business rules.

Powered by AI
Powered by AI

We use Artificial Intelligence to give you the best data-driven price recommendations.

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Your time is key

Focus on what matters most

Setting prices is a complex job. That's why it helps to lean on a platform that uses AI to compare multiple factors before recommending an optimal price. You just have to continue with your day to day and see how Planet takes care of the hard work for you.

With Planet you can:
  • Achieve your business goals through price optimization with Artificial Intelligence

  • Set business rules based on your knowledge and that of many other companies that have already established theirs

  • Analyze your competitors using the best data extracted from direct websites and marketplaces

Our clients

What do they say about us?

Retail and ecommerce stores of all sizes and verticals use Planet to automate their prices and promotions.

Pricing Manager

Planet provides you with the necessary information so that you can establish the price that best suits your strategy


Working with the Planet platform is straightforward from the get-go. Its flexibility allows you to adapt the tool to your business and not the other way around

E-commerce Manager

We have seen our pricing time reduced by more than 50% since we used the tool

Category Manager

The analysis of the market and the competitiveness of our products is easier, more precise and transparent, which creates a sense of security

Optimize your entire pricing process

We offer you a complete service for managing your prices and promotions! Create a scalable pricing process, streamline and automate the process and make decisions based on data and Artificial Intelligence.

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With Planet you can do many things but, to begin, we help you

Contact us and start improving the price management of your company.